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The Denver Degenerates

Aug 19, 2019

Hello Degenerates! We have a couple of fill-ins this week. Eric Fish and Chase South help us hold it down. We talk about Nitrous experiences, whippets, and tell stories of our car puke past. No car is safe with Chase around, that’s for sure. Dan regales us with stories that turn out to be movie plots. We take it to an...

Aug 4, 2019

Hey Degenerates, sorry about last week. It was a bit a of shit show. We tone it down this week, I swear. Well, kind of. We still talk about obscene bullshit and make each other laugh et nauseam. We tell some funny stories from our pasts. Either we’re REALLY funny, or we’re not as funny as we think we are. Either...

Jul 30, 2019

Well, we fall into the most debaucherous versions of ourselves this week, Degenerates. It happens, you know us well enough by now. We talk about a myriad of topics in no particular order and the episode features guests appearances from some new voices. Some Fridays are crazier than others. Here’s your proof…


Jul 22, 2019

Degenerates! We are back from Dayton and give the FULL recap of our debauchery. I also bring the pod down by telling the story of a plane crash…but hey, we rebound by talk about strippers so….ya. We’ll call it a win! Enjoy!


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Jul 6, 2019

Tonight’s the night, Degenerates! We have plans! Or….. someone does… Dan tells the harrowing tale of a late night grocery store encounter for the ages. We give our take on the Kawhi Leonard situation. We basically don’t want Kawhi to be Kevin Durant. It’s loud and rowdy cast ya’ll. Get down with us.