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The Denver Degenerates

Mar 28, 2016

In this episode of the Denver Degenerates we talk about the madness, recap the Northern Iowa vs Texas A&M game. Brett and Janine (our first lady guest) provide us some insight and a great bar in Atlanta. We wanna give Ron and Kay a very big thank you for hosting us and providing a great egg hunt. We have returning...

Mar 21, 2016

Jason's back from his work trip in San Francisco where he was awed by the beauty of the majestic California bridges and highways. The fellas then go on to talk about pump rooms, March Madness, & HGH side effects. This was by far the best podcast we've done in years...enjoy! - Max

Mar 14, 2016

In this episode of the Denver Degenerates we talk with Jason who is in San Francisco (for work, or so he says) about his long day of travel and his emotional moment this week. We talk about the Erin Andrews settlement, and also dive deep into Selection Sunday and our picks to win the National Championship. Eric Fischer...

Mar 6, 2016

The 6th episode of the podcast opens with a bang as we finally have an official opening track to kick things off thanks to Jeremy Russell. We spend the hour talking about Max and Dan's 17 hour Vegas trip, UFC fight upsets, coming to terms with being a Rockies fan, Tulo's bitterness, Brock, Peyton Retiring, and the...