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The Denver Degenerates

Oct 29, 2018

It’s a traditional Sunday Night pod, y’all. Welcome back, busy week in Degenerate land. The Broncos have reached utter chaos as backup QB Chad Kelly was released by the team for a story that is truly an “Are You Smarter Than An Athlete” segment for the ages. The ownership situation has reached a boiling point as...

Oct 20, 2018

FIVE ALIVE DG’s! We’ve upped our game to 5 mics, 5 personalities and 2 whole Dan’s. I guess you could say, things are getting pretty serious. We record on a Friday so we’re drunk, obviously. Deal wit it. Women join in late. We talk about football, and travel stories, and wild encounters. Wowsers. Here you go!


Oct 14, 2018

Sup DG’s. Rocktober is Rock-over. Lots going on this weekend. There was a whisky tasting on Friday, Gabe went to a cash bar wedding (great route driving home, btw), and it’s “snowing” outside (the weather outside is frightful, but on Meat Spin it’s delightful). Our completely necessary NFL picks are in. Judge...

Oct 7, 2018

Sup DG’s. An emotional rollercoaster of a week. We talk about the Rox triumph over the Cubs in an EPIC Wild Card showdown, then they lose the first two games vs the Brewers in the Divisional Series. All is not lost, I break down why there is still hope. Albeit not much…Our pitchers are great right now, lets...