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The Denver Degenerates

Jun 23, 2018

Hey out there to all the real Degenerates. This episode starts off with a trip into heroine country. Ever wonder how much it costs to get high on a real drug? We’ve got the answer. The World Cup is in full effect and we get deep into it. Michael Porter Jr. Welcome to Denver! We are excited about the possibilities you...

Jun 18, 2018

Welcome to World Cup season, Degenerates! A wacky start to the World Cup has us reeling in our dwindling gambling accounts…but there has been plenty of early morning action to keep us entertained. The Rockies are no longer worth watching. We go off on plenty of entertaining tangents in this classic episode. Enjoy!


Jun 11, 2018

Happy Sunday, Degenerates! The champions of the NBA and NHL have been crowned. It was a lot fo fun watching Ovechkin win his first Stanley Cup, as for the Warriors winning again…less fun. It was arguably Lebron’s best accomplishment to get as far as he was able to drag the Cavaliers with him. Horse racing is...