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The Denver Degenerates

Dec 22, 2018

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Degenerate Christmas! Max returns from Durango to help us break down the Nuggets love being shown on National media as we try to decide if the expectations are legitimate or too heavy. The Rockies are in the news for signing Daniel Murphy. Hockey, NFL, Fantasy Football. We are giving it all to you!


Dec 16, 2018

That’s right DG’s! The Broncos are the real life sports version of the BELOVED band Nickleback! The Broncos season will come to a crashing end by the conclusion of this weekend. We speculate on the Broncos future. The Nuggets are hurt but they keep winning, I am a believer and all in. Travel, food, mischief,...

Dec 10, 2018

You thought Max was gone, huh? Well think again cause he joins us for the full cast over the phone to give the Durango breakdown. Sounds like it’s just really cold out there. Crazy Sunday in the NFL this week as the Broncos come out flat vs SF and never regain enough traction to come back and win. Their playoff hopes...

Dec 3, 2018

Hello Degenerates, it’s with a heavy heart that I announce that this episode Max’s last regularly scheduled episode (for now). We expect him to return from time to time in person and be a regular contributor over the phone. Please enjoy this episode as it as the closing of a chapter. Dan Cory will be among one...